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Kamen Rider Decade

Kamen Rider Decade is a story of a man named Kadoya Tsukasa, an amnesiac who has no memory of his past. After his world is in the process of being torn apart, he is told of a way he can save it. By taking up the mantle of Decade Tsukasa travels through the worlds of the 9 previous Riders to defeat them in order to save his own.

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Episode 1 (SS)
Episode 1 (MU)

Episode 2 (SS)
Episode 2 (MU)

Episode 3 (MU)

Episode 4 (MU)

Episode 5 (MU)

Episode 6 (MU)

Episode 7 (MU)

Episode 8 (MU)

Episode 9 (MU)

Episode 10 (MU)

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