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This blog provide you to free download kamen rider series. You can download the series at the right side of this page or just click here... All link download are mostly megaupload link. Therefore, I provide some info on how to avoid megaupload download limits for free downloaders or you can find by yourself at links provided in this page. So, don't worry if you doesn't have megaupload premium account, you can download it with free. Have fun all of you...

How to By Pass Megaupload's Download time limit

Ok so coming back to original question, For non-members, Megaupload has a 45 second wait period but as for file size, it can go up to 500 MB in total. A free account can be made decreasing the wait period to 25 seconds, which can make it easier and faster of course. While that may sound fine and good, there is one item that is a drawback and that is the waiting time to download another item. How long will it take will always depend on the file size but there are ways to get around it. Here are some possible methods and then at the end, to see which would be the best and most guaranteed to work.

1) Going to the Premium Account is probably the most accurate way but it costs money. How much does it cost will depend on how long you desire to have an account with extra features unlike the free membership, which has the waiting period of time?

2) There is a Megaupload Toolbar that can be installed into Firefox. This is a mixed reaction considering the fact that it can lead to spyware problems on your own computer. This one is debatable and rather questionable at best so it would be wise to not do so if you are not sure on it. See above link.

3) Looking at another option, there is the idea of actually using a program to create a Premium Link in the form of Megaleech (you can download from any warez site). It is a program that generates links without the need for speed limits or even a waiting time. Next up would be clicking on the submitting button and have some patience with it. The final step is very important and it really is something to pay very close attention to. All that needs to be done is copy and paste the link and begin downloading but it depends on whether or not you are in the Free Zone or Premium Zone. If it’s the Free Zone, wait 45 Seconds or if it’s the Premium Zone, the link may end up being dead but not for certain.

4) use you get free account there.

here you can test through mine:

use downloadmanager or speed is not good without

you can even simply rewrite megaupload-urls, put a “X” before and your free download starts, when logged in!

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